A Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution

In recent years there has been an explosion in Internet of Things devices and technologies. From consumer products to industrial application, everyone is looking to connected devices to change the world. Today companies all across the world develop, manufacture and sell internet connected sensors, cameras, wireless interfaces, and thermostats just to name a few.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring is different. We do not simply produce sensors or internet gateways. We do not simply produce data monitoring software or remote automation. Instead, we produce a turnkey solution built on the Terralytix Platform for all of your remote monitoring, alerting and automation needs.

We can deliver all new, high-quality sensors or tap into your existing arrays with our Terralytix Edge. We can use your existing Internet infrastructure or deliver a remote connection with the Terralytix Transport. We can use your existing database or deploy the Terralytix Portal. Our turnkey approach is unlike anything else on the market.

Rather than selling devices, we sell solutions.

Real-time. Remote. Single Pane of Glass.


Aridea Environmental Monitoring offers a myriad of applications for a variety of industries and institutions. From mining and oil and gas to watersheds and agriculture to governmental and academic research. The Terralytix Platform’s unique set of real-time, remote environmental monitoring tools provides unprecedented access to data, analytics and automation.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring promises that no location is too remote and the plethora of data can be viewed from a single pane of glass via the Terralytix Portal. The Terralytix Portal is a dashboard that aggregates all the data from all assets at all remote sites across and an entire organization. It is Cloud based, delivered as a service and can be viewed by multiple people from multiple locations at any time all over the world.

Aridea Environmental Monitoring is the game changer industries that manage natural resources have been waiting for. Aridea Environmental Monitoring is the answer for research institutions that need real-time, reliable data. Aridea Environmental Monitoring will usher in a world where the environment is connected and smart for everyone.

With manual data gathering, manual data entry and human error, environmental compliance becomes expensive. Aridea Environmental Monitoring will reduce these costs by as much as 2 man hours per measurement, per cycle and provide with real-time data anywhere in the world.

Monitoring water quality is a major part of environmental compliance. By monitoring various characteristics of water outflows, state and federal agencies are assured that no dangerous contaminants are reaching public watersheds.

In order to stay in compliance with federal and state regulations, air quality monitoring is fundamentally important. Agencies monitor both primary and secondary air contamination.

Monitoring weather can have a tremendous impact on operations and ultimately compliance. Sudden storms, flash floods or damaging winds can wreak havoc. The quicker the right person is alerted to these situations, the quicker a response can be developed and the less damage is done.