Internet of Things (IoT)

It's time to bring things to life!

Imagine a world where cars can talk to streetlights and let them know they’re coming. Imagine a world where a railroad can see that a train is moving too fast for a turn that’s coming up and slow that train down. Imagine a world where an on-site weather station can tell a mine pool that a storm is coming. Imagine a world where a stream can tell the closest engineer that pH and turbidity are suddenly spiking.

These are not science fiction scenarios; this is Internet of Things (IoT). It’s real and happening right here, right now.

IoT is the networking of objects or “things” and using the data those things produce to drive actions in people or other things. The things in IoT can be anything, from car tires to warehouse shelves to smokestacks. One day soon, even milk jugs and baloney packages may be able to let you know that you are running low.

At Aridea Solutions, we are dedicated to bringing IoT to natural resources through environmental monitoring. We have developed software and hardware systems that connect even the most rural locations to the Internet and you. These systems are cloud based, need no new infrastructure, can save you money in compliance measurement costs and will provide you with real-time data and archived data for correlation and analytical analysis.

We want to invite you to explore our solutions and schedule a demo to learn more.