Extractive industries – oil and gas and mining – have historically faced severe environmental compliance scrutiny from state and federal agencies. Today compliance pressure, coupled with market conditions have led to increasing challenges in the industry. Aridea Solution’s environmental monitoring provides oil and gas and mineral mining companies the opportunity to save man-hours used for compliance measurement and redirect them towards more productive endeavors.

Aridea Solutions hardware and software systems connect natural resources directly to executives and engineers. The data can be monitored in real-time and archived to help in long-term projections and planning. After we have installed the systems, the continuous monitoring happens with no man-hours required because our systems connect natural resources via sensors, solar power and rural internet connection to the Internet where the data can be accessed via the cloud.

Water and air quality can both be monitored along with on-site weather conditions. This combination of natural resource and weather monitoring can provide executives and engineers with alerts when conditions are endangering compliance. It’s at this point that valuable manpower can be deployed to prevent non-compliance situations, rather than being wasted on mundane data gathering.

In addition to water quality, air quality and weather monitoring, Aridea Solutions can also monitor:

  • Mine Pool Elevation
  • Injection Well Flow
  • Water Removal Flow
  • Soil Moisture
  • Pump Status
  • Tanks (AST)