When it comes to environmental impact, few industries loom larger in the public imagination than the chemical industry. While this is largely due to pop-culture misinformation, it nevertheless puts pressure on the industry because of the pressure the public puts on state and federal agencies. This pressure makes the automated, real-time and archived data gathering of environmental conditions provided by Aridea solutions an incredible resource to the chemical industry.

Aridea Solutions hardware and software systems connect natural resources directly to decision makers and store the data for instant access. This type of monitoring also saves man-hours because our systems connect natural resources via sensors, solar power and rural internet connections to the Internet where the data can be accessed via the cloud. Man-hours that were used for compliance monitoring can be redirected to more valuables uses.

Water and air quality can both be monitored along with on-site weather conditions. This combination of natural resource and weather monitoring can provide executives and engineers with alerts when conditions are endangering compliance. It’s at this point that valuable manpower can be deployed to prevent non-compliance situations, rather than being wasted on mundane data gathering.